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Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.3 Confession UK Blu-Ray and DVD cover has finally landed!

The UK Blu-Ray and DVD cover for Digimon Tri. PT.3 Confession has finally landed!


Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie – Part 3 Collectors Edition Includes: Double Walled Slipcase, BD Case with Reversible Sleeve, 1 x BD disc, Poster and set of Art Cards. Meicoomon vanishes into the distorted abyss. Shaken, Tai and the others search for answers…


The cover seems to be an odd choice since PT.2 uses the Japanese cover.

Base.com currently has it listed for £18.99 for the Blu-ray and for the DVD £14.99. However Amazon UK has the Blu-Ray for £19.99 and the DVD for £14.99. HMV.com does not currently have it listed for Pre-Order yet.

Amazon UK:






Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.3 Confession is due to be released on December 26, 2017 in the UK. Hopefully we get some info on what the art cards look like.

We will be doing a breakdown of this once it is released.

English Release of PT.4 Loss Tease by Toei-Anime?

It has been reported by a few places that Toei-Anime has uploaded a trailer for Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.4 onto their English YouTube channel. They did reply to someone’s comment saying “You’ll see” assuming they’re hinting about the English Dub version of the film. Hopefully some sort of official information gets released soon about it if that’s the case.

View the comment in the video down below. Beware that the video is Geo-Blocked.

Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie Part 2 Collectors Edition Blu-ray out soon!

The wait is almost over for the UK fans of Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie Part 2.

The UK release comes with a nice set of cards that comes with the collector’s edition blu-ray featuring Augmon, Gabumon, Biyomon and Palmon as well as a mini poster! The disc itself uses a nice green design with no artwork unlike the US release.

It is going to be released on 6th November 2017.

You can Pre-Order from Amazon, HMV, Base.com and other sites!



DVD (Not currently up for pre-order)







The cheapest place to get this from is Base.com at the moment £17.99. HMV and Amazon are selling the Blu-Ray for £19.99.

It was announced that ManagUK will be selling early copies of PT.2 at MCM London Comic Con.

We will be doing another breakdown of PT.2 once it is released!


Digimon Adventures Tri: Confession – Official Trailer + Clips

Shout Factory! has now released the trailer for Confession English Dub as well as some clips!


If you’re living in the US you can pre-0rder it direct from Shout! which comes with an Exclusive Lithograph or buy the regular version direct from Amazon.com

Shout! Factory: (Release date December 5, 2017)






If you’re from the UK you can buy it from Amazon UK (Release date is December 26, 2017. )

Amazon UK






New Part 5 Trailer for Digimon Adventure Tri.

So a new trailer has been released for Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.5 today.

Digimon Tamers Blu-Ray set coming April 2018

Digimon Tamers was announced at DigiFes this year and will be coming out next year

There is an official site here.

The Price: 53,800 yen (excluding tax)

The release date for the set is 4/3/2018

According to their site [first Press limited privilege]  comes with a new Special Drama CD.

It will have new art work for the case which more or less be like what Adventure 01 and 02 got.

Hopefully more info show up soon.


New Tai/Kari & Matt/TK MegaHouse figures

Looks like there is going to be a Tai and Kari figure as well as a Matt and TK figure.

Images can be found @Digi_advntr15th twitter account.

Hopefully more images will surface soon!

There is currently no price or release date as of yet.

Butterfly Music Library CD at DigiFes 2017

Butterfly Music Library CD at DigiFes 2017

Track listings:

01. Butter-Fly(劇場サイズ#1)/Movie Size #1
02. Butter-Fly
03. Butter-Fly(ピアノバージョン)/ Piano Version
04. Butter-Fly~Strong Version~
05. Butter-Fly~tri.Version~
06. Butter-Fly~予告~ / Preview
07. Butter-Fly~日常~ / Daily Life
08. Butter-Fly~孤独~ / Lonely
09. Butter-Fly~刹那~ / Moment
10. Butter-Fly~旅立ち~ / Departure

The CD comes with a T-Shirt which there will be two different designs.

The total cost will be 79,00 Yen each but you will be able to buy this either from Toei-Anime Online store or  Feel Me Market online store.



DigiFes 2017 products

List of DigiFes 2017 products

DIGIMON ADVENTURE FES. 2017 – official official brochure

¥ 2000 (Tax included) 

In addition to luxury guest interviews, official brochures including written characters character illustration pinup

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.5 up for Pre-Order

You can now pre-order PT.5 on Amazon JP. Like Normal if you buy the Amazon JP exclusive release you will get a original B2 fabric poster with the Blu-Ray or DVD. The release date is November 2, 2017. The Blu-Ray costs 8,640 yen and the DVD 7,560 yen. The Normal Blu-Ray is listed for 6,422 yen and for the normal DVD it will cost you 5,619 yen.

Pre-Order links:

Amazon JP exclusive release:



Normal Version:



As normal I will do some sort of breakdown once it is out!


Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie Part 2 UK Artwork revealed!

The UK artwork has now been revealed for Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie Part 2 Blu-Ray and DVD.

Blu-Ray cover:

DVD Cover:

I really do like them using these as it does look better than what the US release looks like. I am shocked they went with this artwork though. I’m thinking now they should of used Tai and Matt on the bridge intend of them all on the tram cart.

You can Pre-Order PT.2 from Amazon Today!

The Blu-Ray is listed at £24.99 and the DVD at £19.99. The price should drop like last time. It is due to be released on November 6, 2017.

Pre-Order from Amazon today!



I will do a breakdown once it has been released.

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.2 coming to the UK on DVD and Blu-Ray

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.2 has now been listed on Amazon with an release date of November 6, 2017 for both the DVD and Blu-Ray. There is currently no artwork and I do hope they use something different rather than the US artwork.

According to Amazon the set will come with Double Walled Slipcase, BD Case with Reversible Sleeve, 1 x BD disc, Poster and set of Art Cards. Weather or not that was copied from PT.1 who knows. Hopefully ManagUK will release something soon to confirm this soon,

The Blu-Ray is listed at £24.99 and the DVD at £19.99. The price should drop like last time.

Pre-Order from Amazon today!



I will do another breakdown once it has been released.


Digimon Tri. PT.2 US home media release Pre-Order

You can now pre-order Digimon Tri. PT.2 Blu-Ray and DVD on Amazon!

As far as I know it will contain the English dub as well as the Japanese audio.

Amazon Links:



According to the Amazon listing it is due to be released on Aug 15, 2017. Still no word from MangaUK about a UK release as of yet. Hopefully the UK will get it a week later like PT.1

Thanks to WTK for the info.


Digimon Adventure The Real World Exhibition info and Merchandise!

We have finally got some more information about the exhibition as well as merchandise!

The Map:

This is a map of what you will see at the exhibition as a animation style!

The giant digivice is near the entrance of the exhibition.

More than 200 animation setting materials of “Digimon Adventure” will be released at once.

The Merchandise

Golden can badge (10 types) 500 yen + tax  (Blind Package)

keyrings (8 types in total) 800 yen + tax

A4 Clear file 350 yen + tax

Masking tape (8 kinds in total) 500 yen + tax each

Digimon magnets (8 kinds in all) 400 yen + tax ※BLIND Package

Four consecutive patapatha memo 700 yen + tax

Flip up notebook

Clear Bottle (8 kinds in total) 1,500 yen + Tax (500ml)

Mugs (2 kinds of all) 1,200 yen + tax

Book type smart case (2 types) 2,980 yen + tax

Commemorative plate 2,000 yen + tax

Postcard (30 kinds in total) 150 yen + tax each

Clear bromide (8 kinds in total) 250 yen + tax

T-shirt (all 2 types) 2,980 yen + tax

Business card case 10,000 yen + tax

Name scene strap (4 types in total) 900 yen + tax

Die cut sticker (8 kinds in total) 350 yen + tax each

Original cap (8 kinds in total) 2,600 yen + tax

Crystal paper weight 6,000 yen + tax

Can badge fourth bullet (8 kinds in all) 500 yen + tax BLIND Package

Acrylic stand (8 kinds in all) 500 yen + tax

Pair Charm Key Holder (8 types in total)  1,200 each + tax

Canvas Art 3,000 yen + Tax

There are some really nice things on sale at the exhibition. Hopefully we will be able to get hold of some of this stuff.




New Digimon Adventures Tri: Reunion Trailer Eng Dub

Shout Factory! has released another trailer for Digimon Adventures Tri: Reunion Eng Dub:

The Videos may not work outside the US.

For non US people:

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.4 Screens Snaps

So Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.4 is now out so it is time for some more screen snaps!


Screens Snaps from Film:



Fabric Poster:

The Amazon JP limited edition release does come with a fabric poster as you can see at the top. I have no way of scanning it right now.

The screens are pretty big in size as they’ve been captured a different way this time. Click the screens to view full size.

You can buy PT.4 direct from Amazon JP

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.1 dub is coming in a few weeks time so we will be doing a full breakdown and scans of the Blu-Ray artwork once it is released.


Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.5 Poster (Better Quality)

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.5 Poster (Better Quality) 2017 release date stated but still not month of its released.

Hopefully we will get a release date at Digifes 2017.

English Version:

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.4 Home Media Flyer Scans

Thanks to an awesome friend that sent me this from Japan I thought to do a scan and share with everyone:



Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.4 is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray in Japan! Screenshots of the Blu-ray will becoming this weekend!

Thanks again for a great friend sending me this!

Digimon Adventure Real World Museum Exhibit

The event will be from May 3, 2017 to May 14th, opens from 11am – 9pm and the last entry will be at 8pm.

It will be at the Laforet Museum Harajuku (Laforet Harajuku 6F)

The ticket price with benefits goods: will be Adult ¥ 3,300 (tax included) / Junior high / high school \ 2,800 (tax included)

Regular day tickets: Adult ¥ 1,800 (tax included) / Junior high / high school ¥ 1,300 (tax included)

The venue divided into multiple areas, you can enjoy exhibits that reproduce scenes and photo spots that can take photos and characters.

They do have an official website and as well a twitter.

Nice large image without the background:


This post will be kept up to date with more info about the event.



Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.1 coming to Australia on Blu-Ray and DVD in July!

A couple of my friends from down under have said  to me that Digimon Adventure PT.1 dub will be getting a released on  July 5th.

The DVD will cost $29.95 AU dollar and the Blu-Ray will retail for $39.95 AU.

I am assuming the bonus features will be the same as the US and UK release.  I’m wondering what the artwork is going to be like for the australian release.




We will keep this post updated once new info is released.


Digimon Tri April Fools Poster 2017

Another new April fools poster has been released

It is a parody of the PT.4 poster.

Digimon Style Guide Update (03/23/17)

The Digimon Style Guide has been updated!


What’s been added?

All the backgrounds have now been added see below for some examples:


The Inspire badges are now complete. See below for some examples:


View the full size images visit Digimon Memorabilia

Another update should happen in the coming weeks.


Tai and Greymon Megahouse GEM Figure Pre-Order now open

The Tai and Greymon Megahouse GEM Figure can now be pre-ordered via  Premium Bandai

The cost of the figure is only 10800 yen. The figure is due to be released in July 2017 sometime.

The figure is 25 cm tall.

If you want to buy this you may need to use a shipping proxy.




Digimon Tri. PT.1 ENG Dub US Blu-ray & DVD Official Trailer

Shout! Factory has released a Official Trailer for PT.1 ENG Dub US Blu-ray & DVD

Press Release from Shout! Factory:

The enthralling monsters battles and classic adventures of DIGIMON have captured a special place in the hearts of millions and continue to stand as an enduring global pop culture phenomenon since the late 1990s. On May 16, 2017, Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Toei Animation, is proud to present new anime feature DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri.REUNION on home entertainment shelves in the U.S. and Canada.

Produced by Toei Animation, DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri – REUNION is DIGIMON’s first feature-length movie since 2000 and has already delighted audiences and loyal fans across Japan. This highly sought-after film reunites the characters and original cast from the classic series and picks up where the beloved DIGIMON Adventure 2002 series ended. Available for the first time on North American home entertainment shelves, each highly collectible edition of DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri.REUNION DVD andBlu-ray™ Combo Pack boasts exciting movie presentation (featuring both versions – English voice cast and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles) and contains insightful bonus content.

The Blu-ray Combo Pack allows viewers to enjoy DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri.REUNION on the platform of their choice and includes spectacular movie presentation on Blu-ray, DVD and a digital copy of the movie.  A must have for collectors, loyal fans and pop culture enthusiasts, DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri. – REUNION debuts in stores everywhere. The collectible Blu-ray Combo Pack is priced to own at $24.97; DVD has a suggested retail price of $14.97.

DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri. — REUNION movie synopsis:

It’s been six years since that summer adventure when Tai (now in high school) and the rest of the “DigiDestined” crossed over to the Digital World, and nearly three years since the frenzied final battles between warring factions. With the gate to the Digital World closed, time continues to pass, until the adventure “digi-volves” once again.

DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri. – REUNION contains the following special features:

  • New interviews with director and members of the English voice cast
  • Inside look at the Los Angeles movie premiere

Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Toei Animation, will continue to present new movie installments from the DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri.feature film series on North American home entertainment shelves in 2017.  Meanwhile, fans are encouraged to visit Shout! Factory’s website (www.shoutfactory.com) and official social Facebook and Twitter for forthcoming news and activities.

Pre-Order from Amazon today!

Blu-Ray and DVD


For the UK fans you can pre-order this from Amazon UK

Blu-Ray (24.99)

DVD (19.99)

For people for outside the USA

tri. Character Song Albums Cover now revealed!

The artwork for the tri. Character Albums got revealed the other day!

The limited edition cover:

The limited edition comes with a with a booklet with cast autographs and short comments.

The normal edition:

The track listing:

1. Butter-Fly ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
  2. 永遠のパズル
  3. 僕にとって -Album Edition-
  4. 夢の叶う場所
  5. 記憶のカケラ -Koshiro Side-
  6. Go My Way
  7. I can’t
  8. キボウノツバサ
  9. Ring
  10. 芽生えた強さ
  11. brave heart ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
  12. I wish ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
Here is a preview that FEEL MEE OFFICIAL has uploaded to YouTube:

The Digimon version

The limited edition cover:

Once again the limited edition comes with a with a booklet with cast autographs etc.

Normal edition:

The track listings:

1. Butter-Fly ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
  2. アグモンSUNba
  3. 君にとって
  4. ハートを探せ
  5. 記憶のカケラ -Tentomon Side-
  6. Blooming your Heart
  7. You can
  8. だいすきイズム
  9. Together as one
  10. ウラオモテ クロスロード
  11. brave heart ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
  12. Seven ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
Here is a short preview thanks to FEEL MEE OFFICIAL:

The CD is out on March 29, 2017

Amazon JP Pre-Order links

Limited Edition:

Chosen Children Version

Digimon Version

Normal Edition:

Chosen Children Version

Digimon Version

The limited edition version is on sale for ¥ 3,580 and the regular edition is on sale for ¥ 3,300.

I’m more or less going to pass on this as Tri. PT.4 Blu-Ray is out really soon.




Digimon Tri. PT 4 DVD & Blu-ray Artwork +Amazon Poster revealed!

The poster for the Amazon release for PT.4 DVD and Blu-ray has now been revealed finally!

The poster comes with the Amazon JP edition of the Blu-Ray or DVD. The Blu-Ray costs ¥ 8,640 and the DVD JPY 7,560

The Artwork for the DVD & Blu-Ray is below:

The Blu-Ray and DVD are being released on April 4, 2017.

Pre-Order from Amazon JP today:



The original post can be found here.

Digimon Adventure PT.4 Screens

So last Friday Digimon Adventure PT.4 got a release on CrunchyRoll.

Below are some screens from the PT.4

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.5 poster has now been revealed!

The PT.5 poster has was revealed yesterday!

There are several copies of this poster going away but they are more or less the same quality.  Hopefully it will get a official release soon.

PT.5 is due to come out in 2017 sometime.

Tai & Greymon GEM Megahouse figure

We finally get a color prototype of Tai & Greymon GEM Megahouse figure.

It is currently on display at Wonder Festival Winter 2017. Hopefully more images will surface soon!  No release at the moment or price.

Hopefully more info will come soon!

Find original image link here

Thanks goes to highrunder for the images below:

Digimon Adventure Tri. Reunion ENG DUB DVD & Blu-Ray US Artwork revealed!

The artwork for the Blu-Ray and DVD for Digimon Adventure Tri.  Reunion ENG DUB US release has now been revealed!

I was shocked at first as I was expecting it to use the same artwork as the UK release.

Nice picture of the spine of the Blu-ray which also shows it comes with a slipcover.

The Blu-Ray indicates that it comes with a digital copy which is nice. Hopefully it is digital HD and not just SD but time will tell.

The DVD also comes with a nice slipcover but no digital copy which is understandable.

The Blu-Ray will cost $24.97 and the DVD will cost $14.98.

The release date is May 16, 2017 for the US.

Pre-order today from Amazon!



Hopefully we will get some news about the other parts being dubbed!



Pre-Order now up for Digimon Adventure Tri.: Reunion US release

Pre-Order now up for Digimon Adventure Tri.: Reunion  US release

The Blu-ray will cost $24.97 and the DVD will cost $14.98

Amazon Links:



There has not yet been another announcement Shout! Factory about the pre-order but I assume that will be coming soon!

The release for the US is May 16, 2017


New tri. Poster Image in Otomedia February Issue out January 10th

New tri. Poster Image in Otomedia February Issue out January 10th

Here is a clearer image of the poster:

Hopefully a scan will show up online soon.

Digimon Style Guide Update!


The Digimon Style Guide has been updated again.

What’s been added?

The Darkmasters are now complete.

We are working on adding more secondary characters as well.

There are now more images of Tai, Matt, Sora, TK, Izzy, Kari, Joe, Mimi, Davis, Cody, Yolei and as well as their partner Digimon.

Example of what has been added:

1-29lizz-converted 1-24dtai-converted 1-41apie 1-41dpup 1-29dbuk-converted

1-28ksal-converted 3-22dvee-converted 3-21pdav-converted3-23dhal-converted2-5a300


To view the other added images go to Digimon Memorabilia & Digimon Style Guide.


Tai and Greymon GEM Figure Prototype

Tai and Greymon GEM Figure Prototype has been shown at the Megahobby Expo which will more likely get a release sometime next year.


No details yet about the price or release date.

gem_greymon1_november25_2016 gem_greymon2_november25_2016

Credit goes to  Megahobby for image 1 and  whitenoize for the other 2.



Thanks goes to amiami for the last four images.

This has to be one of my favourite figures as of yet!

Hope that more info gets released soon.


Digimon Adventure website updated!

The Official Digimon Adventure website has updated!

First of we get a nicer and cleaner poster for Tri PT. 4


Three new screens from PT.4 has also been released.



The Story has been released in Japanese on the official site but not currently in English.

This has been translated via Google

Meikumon undergoes a sudden accident, to the other side of the distortion by eliminating the Reaumont
that disappeared the figure, Taichi who do not hide their upset.

“If the I Meikumon is infected, you want to explore the cause.
Do something signs did not? Exactly when that? The can was infected,”
while faced with a situation that was beyond imagination, not take what measures photon Ichiro wrestling with whether.

But without any valid Tedate, thus confronted the Meshin sought somehow information.
“. Remember to locate the reason for the infection is required information,”
bowed down, nothing answer can not be Meshin –

but was Agumon who had been isolated in the office of the photon Ichiro in order to prevent infection,
to Patamon signs of infection begins to look …
Agumon us time also to, through voice that dwells in Hikari
be told the big secret about the digital world.

“Time is … approaching …”

in the fight against Meikumon that represents the and again figure, the “hour” was the visit.
Taichi who struggle to reveal the secret.
While each of the feelings are crossed, they will be a certain determination …
“If you waited Nante someday, the blink of an eye I’m Chimau adult”

I will replace it once the official English version gets released.


New info on the Digimon CD

It has been announced that in January there will be a memorial CD for Koji Wada. It will feature songs from Digimon season apart from Digimon Xros Wars.

There has already been a CD released in his memory back at DigiFes 2016.


The DigiFes 2016 Memorial CD.










There are going to be two releases for the CD both will have different artwork and they will both be discontinued by September 2017 so it gives you a bit of time to buy them.

Tracklisting from Toei-Anime Online Store:

02.FIRE !!
03. The I Even I
04.Butter-Fly (piano version)
05. Far gifts
07. Butter-Fly (theater size 1 #)
08.The Biggest Dreamer
09. Hilali
10.With The Will
11.Butter-Fly ~ Strong Version ~
12.Seven ~ 10Th Memorial Version ~
13. ~ remain innocent – innocent
14. Endless Tale An
15. wind
16. target-red shock ~
17. ~ from the door – of that summer day to the future
18.Seven ~ Tri.Version ~
19.Butter-Fly ~ Tri.Version ~

You can Pre-order both from CDJapan for  3129yen each



If you want to order from Toei-Anime yourself with a proxy for 3,379yen



Amazon JP has them listed now for 3,379yen



We will be pre-ordering them as well.

No artwork yet so we will update the post once the artwork has been release so stay tuned!