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Digimon Adventure Tri. UK Blu-Ray Collectors Edition (Scans, Breakdown, and Overview)

So It is finally here. After months of delays we have finally got it!

The Blu-Ray comes with a mini poster as well a nice pack of 4 photo cards.

The Blu-Ray cover is the same as the slipcover. I will take a photo soon of the slip cover

The Blu-Ray cover is  reversible! The Front cover is the tram cart and the other side the theatrical poster for PT.1


Tram Cart Cover:

Theatrical Poster cover:

The cover do use the Japanese names and not the English Dub names which is a bit odd seeing how the US release does.

According to the cover these are Region B so they may not be able to be played outside of Europe without a multi region player etc.



Aspect Ratio: 1080p High Definition/16×9

Region: B

Audio: DTS-HD MA English 5.1/2.0 Japanese 2.0

Subtitles: English

The UK release does contain Butterfly but after Tai’s Soccer practice or so it does change to the DigiRap

Art Cards:

The Art Cards seem really nice as they seem to be printed onto photo paper.

The Art Cards only come with the Blu-Ray and not the standard DVD release.

Support ManagUK as well as Toei-Anime in either buying the UK release or if you’re in the US buying the US release.

The Release overall is a really nice set and I do hope ManagUK announces the other parts soon.

Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion Part 1 Trailer (UK)

MangaUK has now posted a Trailer for Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion on their YouTube channel.

It is due out on 22nd May 2017

The artwork has changed a little bit since the announcement from last year.

Pre-Order from Amazon, HMV,










Hopefully we will hear about the other parts soon.

Digimon Tri. PT.2 US home media release Pre-Order

You can now pre-order Digimon Tri. PT.2 Blu-Ray and DVD on Amazon!

As far as I know it will contain the English dub as well as the Japanese audio.

Amazon Links:



According to the Amazon listing it is due to be released on Aug 15, 2017. Still no word from MangaUK about a UK release as of yet. Hopefully the UK will get it a week later like PT.1

Thanks to WTK for the info.


Digimon Adventure The Real World Exhibition info and Merchandise!

We have finally got some more information about the exhibition as well as merchandise!

The Map:

This is a map of what you will see at the exhibition as a animation style!

The giant digivice is near the entrance of the exhibition.

More than 200 animation setting materials of “Digimon Adventure” will be released at once.

The Merchandise

Golden can badge (10 types) 500 yen + tax  (Blind Package)

keyrings (8 types in total) 800 yen + tax

A4 Clear file 350 yen + tax

Masking tape (8 kinds in total) 500 yen + tax each

Digimon magnets (8 kinds in all) 400 yen + tax ※BLIND Package

Four consecutive patapatha memo 700 yen + tax

Flip up notebook

Clear Bottle (8 kinds in total) 1,500 yen + Tax (500ml)

Mugs (2 kinds of all) 1,200 yen + tax

Book type smart case (2 types) 2,980 yen + tax

Commemorative plate 2,000 yen + tax

Postcard (30 kinds in total) 150 yen + tax each

Clear bromide (8 kinds in total) 250 yen + tax

T-shirt (all 2 types) 2,980 yen + tax

Business card case 10,000 yen + tax

Name scene strap (4 types in total) 900 yen + tax

Die cut sticker (8 kinds in total) 350 yen + tax each

Original cap (8 kinds in total) 2,600 yen + tax

Crystal paper weight 6,000 yen + tax

Can badge fourth bullet (8 kinds in all) 500 yen + tax BLIND Package

Acrylic stand (8 kinds in all) 500 yen + tax

Pair Charm Key Holder (8 types in total)  1,200 each + tax

Canvas Art 3,000 yen + Tax

There are some really nice things on sale at the exhibition. Hopefully we will be able to get hold of some of this stuff.




New Digimon Adventures Tri: Reunion Trailer Eng Dub

Shout Factory! has released another trailer for Digimon Adventures Tri: Reunion Eng Dub:

The Videos may not work outside the US.

For non US people: