Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.2 coming to the UK on DVD and Blu-Ray

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.2 has now been listed on Amazon with an release date of November 6, 2017 for both the DVD and Blu-Ray. There is currently no artwork and I do hope they use something different rather than the US artwork.

According to Amazon the set will come with Double Walled Slipcase, BD Case with Reversible Sleeve, 1 x BD disc, Poster and set of Art Cards. Weather or not that was copied from PT.1 who knows. Hopefully ManagUK will release something soon to confirm this soon,

The Blu-Ray is listed at £24.99 and the DVD at £19.99. The price should drop like last time.

Pre-Order from Amazon today!



I will do another breakdown once it has been released.


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