Butterfly Music Library CD at DigiFes 2017

Butterfly Music Library CD at DigiFes 2017

Track listings:

01. Butter-Fly(劇場サイズ#1)/Movie Size #1
02. Butter-Fly
03. Butter-Fly(ピアノバージョン)/ Piano Version
04. Butter-Fly~Strong Version~
05. Butter-Fly~tri.Version~
06. Butter-Fly~予告~ / Preview
07. Butter-Fly~日常~ / Daily Life
08. Butter-Fly~孤独~ / Lonely
09. Butter-Fly~刹那~ / Moment
10. Butter-Fly~旅立ち~ / Departure

The CD comes with a T-Shirt which there will be two different designs.

The total cost will be 79,00 Yen each but you will be able to buy this either from Toei-Anime Online store or  Feel Me Market online store.



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