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Digimon Opening – Comparison between 1999 and 2015 – Butterfly

I was searching today and I’ve come across this compassion of the 1999 quality to the 2015 Blu-Ray/TV HD airing. It would be great if there was better screen snaps of the HD airing


Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below. Still no word if there will be an English Blu-ray set.

Screencaps from HD remaster broadcast Jan 2015

I came across some screencaps which were posted by a user on twitter called (aers00)

I wonder if the Blu-rays will be any better? Screens of the Blu-rays will be posted once it has been released! Still no word if there will be a English Blu-ray set :/


Digimon Adventure’s 1st HD-Remastered Episode Airs on Wednesday (Already Broadcasted)

According to The official Twitter account for the Digimon Adventure tri. anime confirmed on Sunday 4th Jan 2015 that the HD-remastered first episode of the original Digimon Adventure anime will air on the Tokyo MXchannel on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (Already Broadcasted)

Digimon Adventure tri’s New Visual Profiles Taichi, Agumon

This year’s March issue of Shueisha’s V Jump will publish the character designs on Wednesday for 17-year-old Taichi Yagami (Tai Kamiya in the English dub) and Agumon as they will appear in the upcoming anime Digimon Adventure tri. Taichi’s character design was aforetime unveiled in silhouette and in the first key visual.

This what Tai and Agumon will look like in the upcoming series

This what Tai and Agumon will look like in the upcoming series

Tri is going to be sequel to the 1999 television series which was announced by Toei in August. News on the official website is activated by letting users click on an “egg” once a day. Users can increase their clicks by participating in a typing game, as well as other various puzzles.

Digimon Tri


Leave a comment below of what you think of the new style.

The Music in Digimon

Check below for the list of all the songs that have been featured in the Digimon anime, both in the Japanese (original) and English dub as well as the movies! In the English version of Digimon Adventure season one there has only been one song used in this version.
Season 1 (Digimon Adventure):
Opening Theme (English)
Butterfly (Japanese Opening Theme)
Butterfly- Boys Version
Brave Heart (Evolution theme)
Shinka De Guts (Digimon’s Theme)
Oretachi no Melody (Gabumon and Yamato Theme)
Daijoubu! (Gabumon Theme)
Walk on the Edge (Yamato’s Theme)
Muteki na Bataashi Gommamon’s theme
Season 2 (Digimon Adventure 02):
Target – Akai Shougeki (Japanese Opening Theme)
Here We Go
Hey Digimon
I’m Going Digital
Run Around
Beat Hit! (DNA Evolution Theme)
Ai no Kishi! (Hawkmon Theme)
Break-Up! (Evolution Theme)
Ashita Wa Atashi No Kaze Ga Fuku (Ending Theme)
Zettai All Right Digimental Up (Digimons’ Theme)
Omyaato Lets Go (Armadillomon Theme)
Go Ahead (Veemon Theme)
Zettai All Right Digimental Up (Digimon’s Theme)
Do I Do You (Chibimon and Gumimon Duet)
Season 3 (Digimon Tamers):
The Biggest Dreamer (Japanese Opening Theme)
Anytime Moumantai (Terriermon Theme)
My Tomorrow (Japanese Ending Theme)
Slash! (Digimodify Theme)
Tamers Christmas Medley
Guilmon March (Guilmon Theme)
Boko No Tomodachi (Jenrya and Terriermon Theme)
Bark at the Lies (Leomon Theme)
Asobou Kururu (Culumon theme)
Primary Colors (Tamers Theme)
Owaranai Monogatari (Leomon and Juri Theme)
One Vision (Matrix Evolution Theme)
Issho Ga Li Ne (Digimon’s Theme)
Futari De Lalala (Takato and Guilmon Theme)
Last Peace -Tsuyoku Naritakute- Ruki and Renamon’s Theme
Moon Song (Ruki’s Theme)
Mirai Jenrya’s Theme
Evo (Tamers Evolution Song)
Promise Me (Rika’s Song)
Season 4 (Digimon Frontier):
Fire (Japanese opening theme)
Opening Theme (English)
In The Blue (Kouji’s Theme)
Endless Tale (Japanese Ending Theme)
With Broken Wings (Kouichi’s Theme)
Season 5 (Digimon Data Squad):
Gou’ing! Going! My Soul!! (Japanese Opening Theme)
Hirai (2nd Japanese Opening Theme)
One Star (Japanese Ending Theme)
Beater! (Daimon Masaru Theme)
Aa Tamagoyaki (Agumon Theme)
Ryuusei (2nd Ending Theme)
Otokodama (Banchouleomon’s Theme)
Itsumademo Issho Ni (Gaomon’s Theme)
Friendship!! (Ikuto and Falcomon Theme)
Cool Running (Touma’s Theme)
Believer (Evolution Song)

Movies (All):
Digi Rap
Change into Power
I’m Going Digital
The Strangest Thing
Kick it Up
Tomodachi no Umi (Sea of Friends)
Tomodachi no Umi (Karaoke)

CD Albums Covers:

More CD covers will be posted soon!