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New tri. Poster and Discussion. PV, Cast and Schedule Announcement Soon!

A new poster has been hatched from the finally Digi Egg.

It has also been announced that On May 4th, 5th, and 6th they will re-air all of Adventure on niconico in Japan. When Adventure series ends on the 6th at 10:45pm they will then show some tri. stuff including: a PV for the series/first episode, the rest of the voice cast and an airing schedule.


New Digi-Egg has appeared!!!

W Rubber Mascot Digimon Adventure Best Partner 15TH! Box

W Rubber Mascot Digimon Adventure best partner 15TH! BOX

Than “Digimon Adventure” in the hottest new series announced, W Rubber Mascot its partner Digimon and heroes has been design appeared. Chosen making it a lineup that covers all of the children eight, some special sense of rubber design is also “digital character” “Digimon Adventure 15 anniversary” and clearly written and is Memorial Year unique specifications. [1BOX; 8 pieces / all eight] ※ Because of the random inclusion, it does not necessarily aligned with the all in 1BOX.
NEOGDS-137767 NEOGDS-137767_2
US$ 33.26
From CDJapan

Digital Monster D-Arts Digimon Adventure WarGreymon (August 2015)

Digital Monster D-Arts Digimon Adventure WarGreymon

New series D-Arts starting !! first series is a stuffed body the WarGreymon! Latest action figure technology than popular works digital monsters, Digimon are revitalized. In a wide range of motion, deathblow pose of Doramonkira also determined! Effect parts is also included for the deathblow reproduce. Popular WarGreymon is intact play in the image as the ultimate body of hero Digimon, appeared! Become a moveable Figures> The-back, contains the design of the “emblem of courage.” War the Greymon of expression, the claws destination of fidelity! – Doramonkira to set, use the plated parts <utilizing the know-how of SH Figuarts, wide range of motion is attractive !! – of WarGreymon deathblow – pose of Gaia Force also reproducible! · wide range of motion, action pose is determined! – also deathblow effect parts for reproduction comes, I can reproduce a number of impressive play during the pause. Set contents body, is the deathblow effect parts  resale goods.
NEOGDS-137201 NEOGDS-137201_2
Currently 20% 2640yen
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