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Digimon Adventure tri. New PV

YAMATO: “Taichi, have you forgotten about what we’ve done in the Digital World and how we fought to save our world and the Digimon?”
TAICHI: “I would never forget!”
[A new adventure begins to turn]
SORA: “Taichi, never mind that, get going already!”
HIKARI: “Ooooh… Takeru-kun is popular with the girls~”
TAKERU: “I’m not popular at all! She’s just a friend!”
[Feelings that pass each other by, and then…]
JOU: “No, it’s all right. I just wanted to listen.”
MIMI: “You’re all nervous because I’ve gotten super cute now, aren’t you!”
KOUSHIRO: “T–That’s not it at all!”
HIMEKAWA: “There is currently not enough information.”
NISHIJIMA: “The next time an infected violent Digimon appears, I may come by to ask for your help again.”
TAICHI: “Agumon. Let’s stop him from going wild.”
AGUMON: “Okay.”
NISHIJIMA: “We’re counting on you, Chosen Children.”

Version 2 with additional scenes

Thanks to the original person for the translation.

Digimon Adventure tri – Butterfly, I Wish and Brave Heart CD Singles

Digimon Adventure tri – Butterfly, I Wish and Brave Heart CD Singles will be released on the 25th November and will cost 648yen each. No Pre-Orders can be found yet.

The Listings are as follows:
Butterfly ~ tri version
Butterfly ~ tri version (Original Karaoke)

Brave Heart ~ tri version
Brave Heart ~ tri version (Original Karaoke)

I wish ~ tri version
I wish ~ tri version (Original Karaoke)

Digimon rubber straps of all 8 Adventure kids with their Digimon.

Digimon Adventure Rubber Strap BOX

Consisting of Theatrical all Chapter 6, which was announced as Digimon Adventure 15 anniversary planning before the November 21, 2015 publication of “Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 1,” reunion “”, the original version to show the excitement and involving new and old fan on top of the main characters eight head of [if Ke Ride] Trading Rubber Strap all eight released from “Digimon Adventure” is determined !! “Digimon Adventure” is a design that Digimon are each partner is riding perched . Deformation animation is responsible is “zero”. Until now is a combination of was not likely character + Digimon to !! ■ character lineup [1] Taichi Agumon on Yagami [2] [3] sky in Biyomon on Takeyuki Gabumon on Ishida Yamato [4] Tentomon on Izzy Izumi [ 5] Palmon on Tachikawa Mimi [6] Gomamon on length Kido [7] Patamon on Takaishi Takeru [8] Gatomon on Yagami Hikari ■ size is almost the same as a normal series of groove garage, height 71 ~ 77mm x width 36 ~ 54mm This is the size of. [1BOX: 8 pcs / all eight] ※ Because of the random inclusion, it does not necessarily aligned all in 1BOX. ※ The image for the prototype or an image, and the actual product may be different Please note.

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