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Digimon Adventure tri. Dub Confirmed

Digimon Adventure tri. Dub Confirmed



Jeff Nimoy will be returning to Digimon Tri for the voice of Tentomon.

He has said that he is not writing or directing this time around. He also confirms he has recorded the first few episodes.

More info coming soon.

Has not been announced who else would be returuning to their characters in Tri.

Digimon Adventure tri. – Chapter 1: Reunion is coming to theatres September, 2016 in 300+ cities.






Wada Kouji and Yuko Mizutani CDs Being Re-Released in August

A handful of Digimon CDs are being re-released on August 24th.
The’re being re-released to celebrate Wada Kouji and Yuko Mizutani, who both recently passed.

CD Cover for post

The CDs seem to all be re-releases which include the same artwork etc.

Below are the links to where you can pre-order them from:



Digimon Girls Festival

Digimon Opening Best Sprits

Target -Akai Shogeki

Innocent -Mujaki na mama de-

an Endless tale

Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner 6 Takenouchi Sora & Piyomon

Digimon Adventure Character Song + Mini Drama 1


All CDs are available to Pre-Order from CDJapan.