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A brand new PV for Digimon Adventure tri Pt3

A brand new PV for Digimon Adventure tri Pt3

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Digimon tri. Part 1 UK Blu-ray and DVD


Digimon tri. Part 1 will be getting a Blu-Ray and DVD released on  19th December 2016 by Manga UK.

The Blu-Ray and DVD will be the English Dub but will also include the Japanese audio as well as English subs.

The Blu-Ray will cost £24.99 and can now be Pre-Ordered from Amazon UK.

The DVD will cost £19.99 and can also be Pre-Ordered from Amazon UK.

It is not known if the UK release will be using the same cover as the Japanese release.

The Blu-Ray Collectors Edition Incl. Double Walled Slip Cover, BD Case with reversible sleeve, mini booklet, 1 x BD disc and set of art cards.

Amazon Links are Below:

The Blu-Ray Collectors Edition


I will update this post if anymore news comes to light!

UK To Get Digimon Season 1 & 2 Released On DVD by End of Year

This is great news is you live in the UK as Digimon will be getting a DVD Release of the popular anime show for the first time ever!


Both seasons are sold at £39.99 each can be pre-ordered from Amazon UK.

Special Features: Original Japanese opening

The series is being released by Manga Entertainment. This could mean that we could see other Digimon seasons being released in UK in the future.

The Amazon Links are below:

Season 1

Season 2

Digimon Fes 2016 – PRE-RELEASE Items for general public

These items will be available to the general public at a later date, but will be for sale at the DA FES shop first!


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This Digimon Tri. Artbook  can be pre-ordered from Toei’s webshop for 4,000 yen and will ship September 2016.

Digimon Adventure FES 2016 – New merchandise revealed

The Digimon Adventure FES website has updated again with new merchandise revealed.

DA FES Event Clear File
Price: 400 yen