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Digimon Tri Cards

Digimon Tri card set is coming soon.



The Digimon Adventure tri. First Memorial Set will be coming soon thanks to Carddass website which has the details about them on their site.

There will be 60 cards in total. 20 of them will be holographic cards and the other 40 will be normal. The set always comes with a 4 pocket blinder to store them in!


Pre-Order opens on December 16th and they will cost 6,480 yen.




Tai and Greymon GEM Figure Prototype

Tai and Greymon GEM Figure Prototype has been shown at the Megahobby Expo which will more likely get a release sometime next year.


No details yet about the price or release date.

gem_greymon1_november25_2016 gem_greymon2_november25_2016

Credit goes to  Megahobby for image 1 and  whitenoize for the other 2.



Thanks goes to amiami for the last four images.

This has to be one of my favourite figures as of yet!

Hope that more info gets released soon.


Digimon Adventure website updated!

The Official Digimon Adventure website has updated!

First of we get a nicer and cleaner poster for Tri PT. 4


Three new screens from PT.4 has also been released.



The Story has been released in Japanese on the official site but not currently in English.

This has been translated via Google

Meikumon undergoes a sudden accident, to the other side of the distortion by eliminating the Reaumont
that disappeared the figure, Taichi who do not hide their upset.

“If the I Meikumon is infected, you want to explore the cause.
Do something signs did not? Exactly when that? The can was infected,”
while faced with a situation that was beyond imagination, not take what measures photon Ichiro wrestling with whether.

But without any valid Tedate, thus confronted the Meshin sought somehow information.
“. Remember to locate the reason for the infection is required information,”
bowed down, nothing answer can not be Meshin –

but was Agumon who had been isolated in the office of the photon Ichiro in order to prevent infection,
to Patamon signs of infection begins to look …
Agumon us time also to, through voice that dwells in Hikari
be told the big secret about the digital world.

“Time is … approaching …”

in the fight against Meikumon that represents the and again figure, the “hour” was the visit.
Taichi who struggle to reveal the secret.
While each of the feelings are crossed, they will be a certain determination …
“If you waited Nante someday, the blink of an eye I’m Chimau adult”

I will replace it once the official English version gets released.


New info on the Digimon CD

It has been announced that in January there will be a memorial CD for Koji Wada. It will feature songs from Digimon season apart from Digimon Xros Wars.

There has already been a CD released in his memory back at DigiFes 2016.


The DigiFes 2016 Memorial CD.










There are going to be two releases for the CD both will have different artwork and they will both be discontinued by September 2017 so it gives you a bit of time to buy them.

Tracklisting from Toei-Anime Online Store:

02.FIRE !!
03. The I Even I
04.Butter-Fly (piano version)
05. Far gifts
07. Butter-Fly (theater size 1 #)
08.The Biggest Dreamer
09. Hilali
10.With The Will
11.Butter-Fly ~ Strong Version ~
12.Seven ~ 10Th Memorial Version ~
13. ~ remain innocent – innocent
14. Endless Tale An
15. wind
16. target-red shock ~
17. ~ from the door – of that summer day to the future
18.Seven ~ Tri.Version ~
19.Butter-Fly ~ Tri.Version ~

You can Pre-order both from CDJapan for  3129yen each



If you want to order from Toei-Anime yourself with a proxy for 3,379yen



Amazon JP has them listed now for 3,379yen



We will be pre-ordering them as well.

No artwork yet so we will update the post once the artwork has been release so stay tuned!



Digimon World: Next Order out January 31st with DLC

A little bit late but;

Bandai has posted another trailer with a released for Digimon Next Order.

The game is to come out on January 31st 2017 on PS4. The trailer does include some voices.


Pre-Orders in NA will come with Digimon World original game soundtrack, Digimon World: Next Order original game soundtrack, “Omnimon Ultimate Digivolution Core” DLC – Use this special core to digivolve one of your Digimon partners into Ominmon and Adventure Aid Item Set DLC whic comes which come with 68  items with a wide range of functions.


The UK release is going to be 31 Mar. 2017 according to Amazon UK

You can Pre-Order it from from this link and is due out in the US on January 31, 2017.