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Digimon Adventure Tri. music has now gone Digital (iTunes Japan)

If you live or have a iTunes Japan account you can now buy Digimon Tri music from the iTunes Japan store!

Each song costs 250yen

The links to the iTunes JP listings are below:

Butter-Fly~tri.Version~ – Single

brave heart〜tri.Version〜 – Single

I Wish ~tri.Version~

Seven ~tri.Version~

Boku ni Totte (Ending song for Pt3)

Just a heads up you can purchase other Digimon music in the Japanese iTunes store such as the original Butterfly.


Artwork for Digimon Memorial Best CDs (Wada Kouji) has now been revealed!

The cover art for the two CDs have now been revealed on the official Digimon Adventure website!

Sketch 1:

Sketch 2:

The CDs can be pre-ordered from most online sites such as Amazon JP, CD Japan etc

Tracklist from Digimon Adventure site:

02.FIRE !!
03. I Even I
04.Butter-Fly (piano version)
05. Far gifts
07.Butter-Fly (theater size # 1)
08 Biggest Dreamer .The
09. Hilali
10.With The Will
11.Butter-Fly ~ Strong Version ~
12.Seven ~ 10Th Memorial Version ~
~ remain 13. innocent ~ innocent
14.An Endless Tale
15. wind
16. target ~ red shock ~
17. ~ from the door – of that summer day to the future
18.Seven ~ Tri.Version ~
19.Butter-Fly ~ Tri.Version ~


AiM, Hassy, Sammy, Takayoshi Tanimoto, Michihiko Ohta will also feature on the CDs.

The original post can be found here

These CDs will go out of print in September which gives you a decent time frame to buy them if you’re interested in them.

AiM Keep On CD Cover and High Res CD Photo

So I thought as AiM is doing a new version of  Keep On for Tri. Pt 4 I thought to do a scan of the CD Cover etc.

CD Cover:

The CD Cover shows the DigiDestineds and their Digimon .

High Res Photo:

Not really much to say about the CD. Just shows the DigiDestineds and their Digimon again.

Click the images for full size.

All the images can be found under Digimon Memorabilia for archive use.

Knife of Day CD Cover and High Res CD Photo

I’ve had this CD sitting on my desk for sometime now so I thought as I have a bit of free time why not do a small breakdown ish.

CD Cover:

The CD cover pretty much shows Matt and his band Knife of Day along with Gabumon

High Res Photo:

High Res Photo of what the CD looks like.

Click the images for full size.



Digimon Tri Pt. 4 ending song has been announced!


It has now been officially announced that AiM will be doing  a new version of Keep On for Tri Pt. 4

There is going to be 2 songs on the album but currently it is not known what’s the other song is right now.

The CD is going to be released on February 22nd 2017.

There will be a CD version or you can get a CD and DVD version

There is currently no Amazon JP listing but you can pre-order it from CDJapan

You can now pre-order from Amazon JP:

CD Only Version

CD & DVD Version

The CD only version is 1,300 yen and the CD & DVD edition is 1,680 yen.