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Digimon Adventure: Single Hit Parade CD Breakdown

I had some spare time so I thought to do a breakdown for Digimon Adventure: Single Hit Parade CD. All the pictures are .png and click on them to see the full size.

CD Booklet Cover:

The cover for the booklet turned out pretty nice even though it is damaged.

CD Booklet Pages:

The book is just mainly about information but I thought it was worth scanning and uploading.

CD booklet Back:

CD Cover:

CD Cover Insert:

The CD cover booklet just has the lyrics to the songs that are on this album.


The CD is pretty basic. Just has the Digidestineds on it.

This set is pretty much damaged but I am happy about how it has turned out. I do have another set someone but I just can’t find it.

The CD was released in 1999 ish and I don’t think it has ever been released again.

I did use some filters which helped with the overall output which I am pleased about.

I will be doing some other breakdowns in the coming months such as the Digimon Tri PT.1  Eng Dub Blu-Ray and DVD release as well as PT.4 Blu-Ray.

I do have some other Digimon CDs that I will do a breakdown off once I get the time to.

keep on ~ Tri Version~ cover releaved!

The cover artwork for keep on  Tri Version has now been revealed!

If you Pre-Order it includes the two illustration of the chosen children and partner digimon version.

The artwork of the chosen kids is the CD version.

The cover with the Digimon is the CD & DVD

It is due out on 22nd February 2017

You can pre-order ir from Amazon JP:

CD Only Version

CD & DVD Version

The CD only version is 1,300 yen and the CD & DVD edition is 1,680 yen.

Previous post can be found here


Digimon Next Order Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco Entertainment America has released a  Gameplay Trailer on their YouTube channel.

The game is less than two weeks away and can be pre-orded on and other retailers!

info on Digimon Tri. Dub US Home Media Announced!

Information has about the US home media of the Tri Dub has not been revealed!

Shout! Factory have acquired the North American distribution rights for Digimon Adventure tri. They have acquired the rights for Pt.1 – Pt.3 which confirmed that the next 2 movies will be dubbed.

They’re going to be releasing them onto DVD and Blu-Ray as well as Digital. It will  come with English and Japanese audio.

There is currently no release date as of yet.

Thanks for AnimeNewsNetwork for the info!

DigiFes 2017 Has Now Been Announced!

DigiFes 2017 Has Now Been Announced!

DigiFes 2017 Logo:

There is hardly any information on DigiFes2017. All we know is that it will be on July 30th!

No news if it will be streamed or if it will be another home media release.