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Digimon Adventure PT.4 Screens

So last Friday Digimon Adventure PT.4 got a release on CrunchyRoll.

Below are some screens from the PT.4

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.5 poster has now been revealed!

The PT.5 poster has was revealed yesterday!

There are several copies of this poster going away but they are more or less the same quality.  Hopefully it will get a official release soon.

PT.5 is due to come out in 2017 sometime.

Digimon Adventure Tri another 5 min video. Spoilers Alert!

Another 5 or so min video of Digimon Tri. PT.4 May contain spoilers!

The video is hosted on Dailymotion Thanks goes to Digisoul for the video!

PT.4 is out this Friday.


Tai & Greymon GEM Megahouse figure

We finally get a color prototype of Tai & Greymon GEM Megahouse figure.

It is currently on display at Wonder Festival Winter 2017. Hopefully more images will surface soon!  No release at the moment or price.

Hopefully more info will come soon!

Find original image link here

Thanks goes to highrunder for the images below:

Digimon Adventure Tri. Reunion ENG DUB DVD & Blu-Ray US Artwork revealed!

The artwork for the Blu-Ray and DVD for Digimon Adventure Tri.  Reunion ENG DUB US release has now been revealed!

I was shocked at first as I was expecting it to use the same artwork as the UK release.

Nice picture of the spine of the Blu-ray which also shows it comes with a slipcover.

The Blu-Ray indicates that it comes with a digital copy which is nice. Hopefully it is digital HD and not just SD but time will tell.

The DVD also comes with a nice slipcover but no digital copy which is understandable.

The Blu-Ray will cost $24.97 and the DVD will cost $14.98.

The release date is May 16, 2017 for the US.

Pre-order today from Amazon!



Hopefully we will get some news about the other parts being dubbed!