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Digimon Tri April Fools Poster 2017

Another new April fools poster has been released

It is a parody of the PT.4 poster.

Digimon Style Guide Update (03/23/17)

The Digimon Style Guide has been updated!


What’s been added?

All the backgrounds have now been added see below for some examples:


The Inspire badges are now complete. See below for some examples:


View the full size images visit Digimon Memorabilia

Another update should happen in the coming weeks.


Tai and Greymon Megahouse GEM Figure Pre-Order now open

The Tai and Greymon Megahouse GEM Figure can now be pre-ordered via  Premium Bandai

The cost of the figure is only 10800 yen. The figure is due to be released in July 2017 sometime.

The figure is 25 cm tall.

If you want to buy this you may need to use a shipping proxy.




Digimon Tri. PT.1 ENG Dub US Blu-ray & DVD Official Trailer

Shout! Factory has released a Official Trailer for PT.1 ENG Dub US Blu-ray & DVD

Press Release from Shout! Factory:

The enthralling monsters battles and classic adventures of DIGIMON have captured a special place in the hearts of millions and continue to stand as an enduring global pop culture phenomenon since the late 1990s. On May 16, 2017, Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Toei Animation, is proud to present new anime feature DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri.REUNION on home entertainment shelves in the U.S. and Canada.

Produced by Toei Animation, DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri – REUNION is DIGIMON’s first feature-length movie since 2000 and has already delighted audiences and loyal fans across Japan. This highly sought-after film reunites the characters and original cast from the classic series and picks up where the beloved DIGIMON Adventure 2002 series ended. Available for the first time on North American home entertainment shelves, each highly collectible edition of DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri.REUNION DVD andBlu-ray™ Combo Pack boasts exciting movie presentation (featuring both versions – English voice cast and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles) and contains insightful bonus content.

The Blu-ray Combo Pack allows viewers to enjoy DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri.REUNION on the platform of their choice and includes spectacular movie presentation on Blu-ray, DVD and a digital copy of the movie.  A must have for collectors, loyal fans and pop culture enthusiasts, DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri. – REUNION debuts in stores everywhere. The collectible Blu-ray Combo Pack is priced to own at $24.97; DVD has a suggested retail price of $14.97.

DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri. — REUNION movie synopsis:

It’s been six years since that summer adventure when Tai (now in high school) and the rest of the “DigiDestined” crossed over to the Digital World, and nearly three years since the frenzied final battles between warring factions. With the gate to the Digital World closed, time continues to pass, until the adventure “digi-volves” once again.

DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri. – REUNION contains the following special features:

  • New interviews with director and members of the English voice cast
  • Inside look at the Los Angeles movie premiere

Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Toei Animation, will continue to present new movie installments from the DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri.feature film series on North American home entertainment shelves in 2017.  Meanwhile, fans are encouraged to visit Shout! Factory’s website ( and official social Facebook and Twitter for forthcoming news and activities.

Pre-Order from Amazon today!

Blu-Ray and DVD


For the UK fans you can pre-order this from Amazon UK

Blu-Ray (24.99)

DVD (19.99)

For people for outside the USA

tri. Character Song Albums Cover now revealed!

The artwork for the tri. Character Albums got revealed the other day!

The limited edition cover:

The limited edition comes with a with a booklet with cast autographs and short comments.

The normal edition:

The track listing:

1. Butter-Fly ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
  2. 永遠のパズル
  3. 僕にとって -Album Edition-
  4. 夢の叶う場所
  5. 記憶のカケラ -Koshiro Side-
  6. Go My Way
  7. I can’t
  8. キボウノツバサ
  9. Ring
  10. 芽生えた強さ
  11. brave heart ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
  12. I wish ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
Here is a preview that FEEL MEE OFFICIAL has uploaded to YouTube:

The Digimon version

The limited edition cover:

Once again the limited edition comes with a with a booklet with cast autographs etc.

Normal edition:

The track listings:

1. Butter-Fly ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
  2. アグモンSUNba
  3. 君にとって
  4. ハートを探せ
  5. 記憶のカケラ -Tentomon Side-
  6. Blooming your Heart
  7. You can
  8. だいすきイズム
  9. Together as one
  10. ウラオモテ クロスロード
  11. brave heart ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
  12. Seven ~tri.Version~ (Short Size Edition)
Here is a short preview thanks to FEEL MEE OFFICIAL:

The CD is out on March 29, 2017

Amazon JP Pre-Order links

Limited Edition:

Chosen Children Version

Digimon Version

Normal Edition:

Chosen Children Version

Digimon Version

The limited edition version is on sale for ¥ 3,580 and the regular edition is on sale for ¥ 3,300.

I’m more or less going to pass on this as Tri. PT.4 Blu-Ray is out really soon.