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Digimon Adventure Tri PT.6 Our Future up for Pre-Order!

The final cover for Digimon Adventure Tri!

The final cover for Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.6 Our Future has now been finally revealed for the DVD and Blu-Ray! It features all the chosen children on the train cart in the human world!

The DVD will cost will cost 7,560 yen on Amazon JP and the standard blu-ray will cost 8,640 yen.



Amazon DVD

Amazon Blu-ray

It is due to be released on June 2, 2018

Like normal Amazon JP will have their own exclusive release but instead of a B2 fabric poster it comes with a Storage box of the size which can store both the Blu-ray or DVD. I would assume they’re two different sizes depending which option you go for.

The cast for the final time:

Yagami Taichi: Natsuki Hanama / Agumon: Sakamoto Chikura
Takeyuki Inner: Mimori Suzuko / Pyomont: Shigematsu Kanatsudo
Ishida Yamato: Yoshimasa Hosoya / Gabumon: Mayumi Yamaguchi
Izzy Izumi: Mutsumi Tamura / Tentomon: Takahiro Sakurai
Tachikawa Mimi: Hitomi Yoshida / Palmon: Yamada mushroom
Takaishi Takeru: Enoki AtsushiWataru / Patamon: Miwa Matsumoto
Joe Kido: Junya Ikeda / Gomamon: Takeuchi Junko
Yagami Hikari: M · A · O / Talemon: Tokumori Yuka

First Limited Benefit
○ Atsushi Uki Jersey Drawing Transparent Sleeve & Digipak Specification
○ Special Booklet (16P)

Regular Bonus
○ Liner Notes (8P)

Bonus item

If you pre-order PT.6 starting from March 1st you will be able to receive a clearfile at certain retailers.



WarGreymon & Taichi Megahouse figure up for Pre-Order

The WarGreymon & Taichi Megahouse is finally up for pre-order and with have a price and a release date!

The price that listed on is 20,736 yen (tax included). You can also pre-order it from Toei-Anime online store as well.

It is due to be shipped late July 2018.

I would assume retailers outside of Japan will stock this hopefully but if you want it you need to use a shipping proxy such as FromJapan

It is such a beautiful figure.

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT6 Our Future Trailer #2

PT6 Our Future Trailer #2 has now landed. There are spoilers in it.

Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.4 Loss English Dub Pre-Order!

You can currently pre-order this direct from Shout! Factory if you live within the USA or Canada. It comes with a exclusive lithograph  (18″ X 24″) if you buy the Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack direct from shout.  The release date is April 24th 2018 for the US release. The price is currently listed on for $24.97 for the Blu-Ray and DVD. For the DVD itself it is listed for $14.98 at the time of writing this.

Pre-Order from Shout!

Blu-Ray and DVD

DVD Only

Blu-Ray and DVD Combo


Shout has posted a handful of clips from Loss.


Other Clips