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April Fools poster

Toei-Anime has posted an April Fools poster of Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.6 poster as a parody.

Happy April Fools Day!

Artwork revealed for Digimon Adventure Tri. Loss UK Blu-Ray and DVD

The artwork has now been revealed for the UK release of Digimon Adventure Tri. Loss Blu-Ray and DVD

We assumed that MangaUK would be sticking to the Japanese home media covers unlike the US release which uses the theatrical posters instead. It is nice to get the artwork confirmed before the release.

It is due to be released on 30th April 2018 and Base and Amazon UK have both got the Blu-Ray listed for £24.99 and Amazon UK currently has the DVD listed for £19.99. I do expect the price to go down before the release of next month.

You can pre-order it from or right now. Other places such as HMV do not have it currently listed but will add it to the post once they do!

Pre-order Links:

Amazon UK

Blu-Ray Collectors Edition


Blu-Ray Collectors Edition

DVD (Currently unavailable)

We will do a breakdown off the UK release of PT.4  once it gets released.


Digimon Adventure Tri Part 4 Loss is coming April 30! onto Blu-Ray and DVD UK

MangaUK has just announced that Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.4 Loss is coming April 30th to Blu-ray and DVD in the UK!

It has now appeared on Amazon UK

Collectors Edition Blu-Ray

DVD (Not Yet Live)

The current price is £24.99 but I gather the price will more likely go down once we get nearer to the release date. As normal if you order the blu-ray collectors edition you will get a mini poster as well as a set of art cards.

Such a great day for Digimon fans!


PT.6 updates includes New Poster, Preview of ED PT.6 song (Butterfly Tri Version with cast)

So a bunch of news for Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.6 Our Future has been released.

First up a preview of the ending song for PT.6 Our Future has now been released.

The ED song will feature the cast as well as Ayumi Miyazaki, AiM, and Wada Kouj.

The clip features scenes from PT.1 through to PT.5

You can pre-order two different versions. The Limited Edition will come with a cardboard sleeve and a mini poster or you can just pre-order a normal version.

The limited edition will cost ¥ 1,599 and the normal release is listed for ¥ 800

Pre-Order links. All links are Amazon JP but you can pre-order elsewhere like CDJapan etc

Limited Edition

Normal Edition 

Toei-Anime has now released another theatrical poster for PT.6 Our Future.

It features all the DigiDestined (Chosen Children) with their digivices along with the new version of Omnimon.


We also get a nice piece of art of the new form which can also be seen in the latest trailer.

The final movie is out in Japan on May 5th 2018 and will be released in English for one night only in September 20th 2018 in selected theatures across USA.

LifeSize Agumon Plush up for pre-order!

A lifesize Agumon plush was announced a few days ago!

You can pre-order it directly from premium Bandai for 8,100 yen if you live in Japan. Pre-orders close on 2018.5.7 and the it should ship in August 2018. If you’re looking for buy him outside of Japan you will need to use a shopping proxy such as I’ve personally use FromJapan a lot when buying items from Japan.