Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.4 Trailer and PT.5 Tailer with Dialog English Dub

As you may know PT.4 to PT.6 have now been dubbed and will be shown for one night only event in the USA. PT.4 (1st Feb) PT.5 (MAY 10) and PT.6 (SEP 20)

Trailer for PT.4 Loss which was release a few week back: The bonus feature will be a brand new interview with Joshua Seth as well as a look back at pars 1 to 3.

PT.5¬†Coexistence trailer which was released yesterday contains Digalog where PT.4 doesn’t It was also announced that the bonus feature will be an interview with the cast.

There is currently no trailer for PT.6 Future just yet.

You can buy tickets from Fathom Events






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