Tamers Characters

Takato Matsuki

takato_matsuki_tTakato Matsuki is a fictional character in the Digimon Tamers series and one of its three main protagonists. He is the Tamer of Guilmon and his creator.

Takato is a young boy with light skin, light brown hair and light red eyes. He usually wears a blue hooded shirt over a white t-shirt, with long gray shorts, yellow wristbands on his hands, and green converse sneakers. He usually wears yellow goggles over his forehead, but can be seen occasionally without them.

For all intents and purposes, Takato is a very normal boy. He is a cheerful and carefree person who loves Digimon, the Digimon card game, and drawing. He is gentle, sensitive, and true to his feelings, which makes him very emotive. He is a very imaginative and creative person, which is the reason he made Guilmon up, though his imagination often gets the best of him. He is inexperienced as a Tamer, but makes up for it with his enthusiasm and his honest love for Digimon. Takato cares deeply for others, and when he is thrust into situations where people’s lives are at stake, he treats the situation with appropriate seriousness and does his best to help out. However, he is easily upset when he thinks he has failed to protect his loved ones; he cries when he thinks he has been a bad Tamer to Guilmon, and is sent into rage when Leomon is killed.




Henry Wong

Henry Wong , also known Jian is a fictional character in the Digimon Tamers anime series. He is the Tamer of Terriermon and is known for his calm presence and pacifist attitude.

Henry is a young boy with tanned skin, short blue hair and gray eyes. He usually wears a sleeveless orange vest with a zipper over a black t-shirt, brown pants, black socks, gray and yellow shoes with white soles, and white wrist bands.henry_wong_t

Henry is a very calm and levelheaded boy, much more mature than an average boy his age. Henry is a pacifist, and prefers not to fight if he can help it. This is because when he was a young boy and just started learning martial arts, he used his newfound skills to injure another boy, something he wasn’t supposed to do and regrets deeply. As a Tamer, Henry understands that fighting is sometimes necessary, and learns to balance between good fights and bad ones, though he remains a very non-aggressive person. Though quiet and introverted, Henry is nevertheless a very amiable and approachable person, and is quite a good friend. He is very intelligent and a good strategist, and somewhat into computers.

Henry is the third child in his family, with an older brother, Rinchei, an older sister, Jaarin, and a younger sister, Suzie. Henry is half-Chinese and half-Japanese; his father (Janyu) is Chinese and his mother (Mayumi) is Japanese. Henry’s father is one of the Monster Makers, the group that created Digimon.



Rika Nonaka

Rika Nonaka is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Digimon Tamers. She is the Tamer of Renamon and is known as the ruthless Digimon Queen.


By autumn, 2000, Rika is much taller. She wears a dark green shirt with a broken skull and crossbones design in the front, a black jacket with a pocket on each side, short button-fly blue jeans, black socks, blueish gray and white steel-toed sneakers, and buckles around her waist and leg. O Partner, Where Art Thou?

In 2001, Rika is described as “beautiful” by Coco. Digital Beauty She wears a turquoise-turtlenecked T-shirt with a broken heart on the front, with short button-fly blue jeans, red wrist bands, white socks, red steel-toed sneakers, and buckles around her waist and leg. She usually wears her D-Power and a card case on her belt. When entering a Digital Field, she protects her eyes with sunglasses with blue oval-shaped lens.

Rika’s school uniform is a white buttoned shirt, under a gray buttoned jacket with the Kagurazaka Girls’ Academy’s crest, a golden harp in a brown background, in the left side of the chest and a pocket on each side, a black skirt, black socks, and white shoes. When going to school she wears black shoes instead. O Partner, Where Art Thou?

When fighting a Lynxmon, she wears a gray coat over her clothes.




Secondary characters

Jeri Katou

Jeri Katou is a fictional character from the Digimon Tamers series.


Jeri is a preteen girl with brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair which is worn with a ponytail on the left side and a green hairclip. She wears a yellow shirt under a green dress, yellow socks, and white and cerulean sneakers. She usually carries a yellow dog sock puppet with a red mouth, pink ears, black nose, and dark brown eyes.

Usually shown with her sock puppet early on in the series, Jeri is a cheerful and sweet person who is always there to encourage her friends, though later in the series she descends into despair after the death of her Digimon partner. It is made clear that Takato Matsuki has a crush on her, and by the end, it seems that the feeling is mutual.





Ryo Akiyama

Ryo Akiyama  is a fictional character who originated in the Digimon Adventure timeline and then retired into the Digimon Tamers timeline. He is the main protagonist in a ryo_akiyama_tamers_tseries of Digimon games for the Wonderswan console.

He is partened with Cyberdramon in Brave Tamer (as Monodramon) and Digimon Tamers. Brave Tamer explains that his nemesis, Millenniummon, was the Digimon who has destined to be his partner, and it is implied that his later partnership between Monodramon is only possible due to his jogress with Milleniummon final form, ZeedMilleniummon. Furthermore, in Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer and Cathode Tamer, Ryo is briefly partened with Tai Kamiya’s Agumon. In Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers and Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers he is partened with Davis Motomiya’s Veemon.





Kazu Shioda

Kazu Shioda  is a character in the anime and manga series Digimon Tamerskazu_shioda_t

Kazu is a young boy with lightly tanned skin, spiky light brown hair and dark blue eyes. He is slightly taller than the other Tamers in his age group. He wears a dark blue T-shirt with a stylized cross resembling the Crest of Reliability, yellow-cream shorts, reddish brown wristbands, olive green socks, and blue and grey shoes. He usually wears a dark blue and dark green tennis visor, though he doesn’t wear it during school hours.

During winter, he wears a maroon jacket with a furry white collar and a pocket on the left breast over his regular outfit.

Kazu is one of Takato’s closest friends and is also an avid player of the DigiBattle Card Game. In fact, he is a much better player than Takato and Kenta. He is very confident in his abilities and loves bragging about his superiority compared to his friends, but Kazu’s friendship with Takato and Kenta is very close and deep, usually calling them “chumley” in the dub.


Kenta Kitagawa

kenta_kitagawa_tKenta Kitagawa  is a character in the anime and manga series Digimon Tamers.

Kenta is a young boy with light skin, straight dark green hair with bangs parted in the middle, and dark eyes (though his eyes are sometimes drawn as bright green). He wears large rimless glasses with silver temples. He wears an orange T-shirt under an opened khaki short-sleeved button-up shirt, dark brown shorts, white socks, and light grey shoes with aquamarine laces and soles.

Kenta is a close friend of Takato and Kazu, and he is also a player of the Hyper Coliseum Card Game, but he always loses to Kazu. Kenta tends to be in on many of Kazu’s jokes, making them quite the comedic pair. He is far meeker and gentler than Kenta, and is rather excitable and quick to show emotion.

Kenta enjoys singing karaoke, but his voice is atrocious.




Suzie Wong

Suzie Wong , is a fictional character in Digimon Tamers.suzie_wong_t

Suzie is the human partner of Lopmon and is the third youngest of the Tamers, with only Ai and Mako being younger than her.

Suzie is a little girl with lightly tanned skin, dark purple hair pulled to the sides in two small pigtails, and dark purple eyes. She wears a white T-shirt under a pink cheongsam-style vest with yellow trimmings, dark purple shorts, white socks and yellow shoes with white laces and soles.

When she is pulled into the Digital World, she wears a yellow coat with buttons and two pockets. During winter, she wears a bluish purple coat identical to the yellow one. During Runaway Locomon, she wears a pink coat identical to the previous too.